PT. Metalindo Sentosa Utama


Metalindo over than five year going as a group of companies have been building reputation servicing around Steels Fabrication and Steels Hardware Supplier. The mission of the company is to strive for optimum utilization of all
resources to produce products and service of downstream industries in order to increase it’s added value and competitive advantages such as rubber and it’s application.

We are committed to provide better service, fast delivery and technical back up from analysis of the problem on site to the installation, from the planning stage to the consistent after sales service. We have technology, the product and the expertise.

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About Us

PT. Metalindo Sentosa Utama Give Excellent product to you


[one_half] [/one_half][one_half_last] Forged Flanges: Stainless Steel Spec & Grade: ASTM ASME A SA 182 SA 105N ANSI B16.5 F304/L F316/L Types: Welding neck Slip on blind Socket weld Blind Threaded Lap joint Orifice Spectacle blind Thickness: SCH.10, SCH.40, SCH.80, SCH.160, SCH.XX 150#RF, 300#RF, 600#RF, 900#RF, 1500#RF, 2500#RF 3000#RTJ, 5000#RTJ Brand: Shinsei ULMA Melesi Metalfar(MFF) San-Eng [/one_half_last]

Steel Products

PT. Metalindo  is a reputable manufactures & distribution group of companies in long steel products, hardware, fittings, and HDPE material in Indonesia. PT. Metalindo group manufactures, stocks and distributes structural, rail, rod, merchant bar, cold finished bar, chrome plated bar, reinforcing, wire, tube, pipes, fittings, valves and actuation. The majority of PT.Metalindo’s products are used in the construction, manufacturing, housing, mining, oil & gas and agricultural industries Application.                   […]


Metalindo Sentosa Utama Location: Jl. Jemur Andayani Permata Inti A. 90-91 Surabaya – Indonesia Contact: phone: 031-8480390 fax: 031-8439235