METALINDO SENTOSA UTAMA (MSU) for five year our groups of companies have been building reputation servicing around steel trading. The mission of the company is to strive for optimum utilization of all resources to produce products and service of downstream industries in order to increase it's added value and competitive advantages such as steel rubber, polymer and it's application.
We are distributes more than 9000 tons / month throughout of Indonesia's islands.
We are committed to seeing MSU become a great Indonesian company. Our commitment to provide best service, fast delivery and technical back up from analysis of the problem, start from engineering stage of material selection up to construction stage. We have technology, the products and the expertise.

  Steel Plates Profile Steels Pipes Tubes Tube Fittings Bolts & Nuts  
  Industrial Plastics Underground Support Valve Other Hardware      

  Steel Fabrication Steel Structure & Tank Fabrication Plate Work Engineering & Drafting Steel, Pipe, Bolt, Nut & Hardware Supply    

  Completed Projects  
  Bracket Hydrolic Pump Curtain Wall Flatbed Headboard Plat Liner Spund End